Zwei (Reiji Azuma)
Vital statistics
Position Phantom
Age 15, 16, and 18
Status Dead or Alive (Depends)
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Zwei is the 2nd Phantom of Inferno. His real name is Reiji Azuma.


Reiji Azuma had a normal life, a traveler from Japan who lived with his unnamed mother and father. In the adaptation, (Phantom the Animation) it show's that Reiji has a little sister, but in neither the visual novel or 2009 anime adaptation is she hinted at actually existing. After Reiji gets excepted into high school he is able to talk his parents into letting him go to Los Angeles, California in the United States as a reward. Little did he know that he would stumble across one of the murders of the most notorious assassin in the United States, Phantom. Reiji is almost murdered by the Phantom, but manages to escape for a little while. Reiji's ability to flee the Phantoms wrath impresses her boss Scythe Master so much that he decides to have Reiji's memories erased and train him to become an assassin.

Relationships Edit

Ein (Eren)Edit


Zwei meets a young girl named Cal, who wants to avenge her adoptive sister Judy's death by the hands of an Assassin. He reluctantly gave her the chance to become his assistant, long enough to see the death of the person who murdered Judy. Eventually she confesses her love for him; wanting to be by his side forever.