"Jissen" (実践)

Season 1, Episode 3
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After more training with Ein, Zwei is going to be tested. He has to kill a man named Lieutenant Wallace of the Navy SEALs, who sold weapons to Inferno, but because they weren't his only costumers and he sold many weapons to terrorists. Wallace eventually sullied the name of Inferno and put them in danger of being suspected by the FBI after an FBI agent was found dead in Mexico, forcing him to beat Zwei and defeat him in a duel to the death in order to allow Inferno in rebuilding his life all over again. After hesitation of killing Wallace and almost being killed by him, his assassination skills awake because all he wants to do is live and he shoots Wallace in his head after wounding him by using a combat knife to stab him in Wallace's right arm. After the killing Zwei regrets what he did, Ein explains how to deal with his inner conflict by completely accepting "Zwei". He refuses and Ein agrees to kill him. He closes his eyes to accept his fate but Ein fires away from him causing "Zwei" to completely awaken since he wants to live.