Phantom is an interactive (choose your own adventure) video game and its adaptations: a three-part OVA anime series, a 26-episode TV anime, and a three volume manga.

Video gameEdit

Playstation 2Edit

Phantom of Inferno is the first game of the Phantom series. It is developed for the Playstation 2.

The US version of Phantom: Phantom of Inferno

Xbox 360Edit

Phantom of Inferno is the remake of the original video game and DVD version of the game for the Xbox 360 developed by Nitroplus. The story is the same but designs of the characters changed so it fits with the anime.


Cover of the remake of Phantom of Inferno.

DVD versionEdit

A DVD version was made based off the video game version. The DVD version was translated with English subtitles.

JapanDVD Cover

Japanese DVD cover

The game is known to be dificult to play on a PC, as well as many media players will not display the video nor the subtitles properly or at all. The DVD passwords must be remembered in order to get into a route and the DVD does not save. Two media players that has been known to fully function with the game is VLC and PowerDVD.

Both players have their own strenght and weaknesses. VLC will run with no problems, allowing you to fast forward scenes with the slider bar, but the password system will give you a blank screen if you attempt to use it. PowerDVD will run fine as well, but it may or may not let you use the slider bar to fast forward scenes. PowerDVD has a working fast-forward option, but it can cause the game to freeze and stop responding at certain scenes.