Drei (Cal Devens)
Vital statistics
Position Phantom
Age 14
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Drei is the 3rd Phantom of Inferno. Her real name is Cal Devens.


Cal was born into extreme poverty somewhere within Los Angles. She lived with an abusive father who constantly drank, gambled, and beat her. Cal eventually ran away at the age of five years old where she was picked up by a seventeen year old Judy Devens. Judy was a prostitute who told Cal her father was also no good. The two lone girls became sisters in the poverty ridden place of South Central. Cal cleaned, cooked, and repaired and sold old broken equipment in order to help out her older sister. One night when Cal was fourteen she was helping Judy home who was heavily intoxicated after a night of walking the streets and drinking. They unfortunately wound up in the middle of an attempted hit on a small group of Yakuza, Cal was able to get away, but Judy was to drunk to run and was hit in the head with a stray bullet fired by one of the Yakuza's. This finally leads to Cal's involvement in the game.


Cal has Jade eyes and medium length blond hair where she keeps them tied into high pigtails. She wears a short sleeve pink shirt and short brown pants supported with a red belt. She also wears a over sized green hooded jacket possibly was Judy's jacket. Cal wears maroon colored boots and white socks. Cal also wears a dress that varies in design by the anime and game. In the game the dress in pink with white leggings and brown dress shoes. In the anime and most recent release of the game Cal's dress is light purple with a small skull on the front and a tie.

2 years later, Cal takes the appearance of a biker. She has long blonde hair supported in a high ponytail, a strapless black top, which shows off a drastic amount of cleavage, a red biker jacket ( where she leaves it unzipped ) and black and red biker pants; she finishes off the attire with a pair of black finger less gloves. Cal wears a red motorcycle helmet and its color is the same as her primary color: red.

Role in the StoryEdit

Cal makes her appearance in the second arc of the game and anime. Cal is the third main character in the series and serves as one of the four heroines in the game. Cal's first appearance is at the murder site of her older sister Judy. Zwei see's the girl sitting with her luggage by the chalk outline of where her sisters body was found. After a round of questions zwei is persuaded by the false idea that Cal witnessed the killings to take her along for further questioning.



Drei 2 and a half years later